In about a month and a half, the weather here in Sarasota, Florida will be absolutely perfect nearly every day, but until that day arrives, we locals get to endure some really hot, muggy days.  I’ve lived a lot of places, but I’m not sure that any other place that I’ve called home has me searching for light food to savor more than Sarasota during the Summer months.

Gazpacho is one of my favorite dishes to gobble up when the weather is sticky.  Serve this with a salad for a light lunch, add some shrimp or swing by Morton’s Market for some good Spanish ham for a more substantial meal.

Gazpacho hails from the Andalusian region of Southern Spain.  The Romans brought a soup consisting of stale bread, water, olive oil and garlic to the region, which became a staple of the diet, particularly with sheep herders.  Later, vinegar was added to the soup.

After tomatoes began to gain popularity in Europe during the 19th century, they were added, giving the culinary world the preparation that we are familiar with today.

This dish is particularly special when local Ruskin tomatoes are in season!

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